My orchid’s roots are getting long and new ones are growing out of the pot. Should I cut them?

Most orchids are epiphyte, which means in nature, they cling onto the surfaces of tree branches and rocks. Therefore in the wild, their roots are exposed to the air.

But when we human grow orchids, we like them to be neat and contained. It’s really against the nature of these plants.

When your orchid is sending roots outside of the pot, it means it’s really happy and is growing vigorously. That is a good sign.

If you cut those healthy roots, essentially you are taking energy away from it and the plant is weaken as a result.

My recommendation is that you leave the air roots where they are.

One exception is that if your plant’s new growth is outside of the pot, and new roots of the growth are (or very soon will be) outside of the pot. In that case, your pot is too small and you need to repot is one size up.

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