Fascination of Orchids

The Fascination of Orchids show is a twice-a-year event in Santa Ana, CA. It used to be only once a year inside the oh-so-fabulous South Coast Plaza. It was huge and extremely crowded with the center orchid display going up to 30-, 40- foot high. Although I never counted, I think it might have close to a hundred vendors selling at the show. But for some reason, Fascination of Orchids changed location. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fire department recommended the relocation due to the fact that it was just immpossibly crowded.

Since the relocation, the show became a meager event, relatively speaking. It is still a good show with maybe 15 or 20 vendors, which is all I need to see anyway. It doesn’t excited me too much to see the same type of plant twenty times at different vendors.

I bought this free-flowering orchid Encyclia garciana from Andy’s Orchids. It had a flower and 3 more new growths. I can’t wait till I see another spike.

Encyclia garciana - photo curtesy of Andy's Orchids

Encyclia garciana – photo curtesy of Andy’s Orchids

I also got some potting medium called Orchiata. According to besgrow.com, “Orchiata is a sustainable orchid growing substrate produced from the finest quality, 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Pinus radiata is sourced from renewable, man made forests ensuring availability into the future.” Besides the green effect, my orchid plants seem to like it quite a bit. Some people mix it with other material, like perlite, since it can get a bit expensive if you just use it straight.

Back to the show, there were about 10 displays in the show area. There weren’t any 30, 40-foot display, but the orchids were beautiful nonetheless.

I was fascinated by an orchid vendor from Japan who sold just Neofinetia falcata. While I don’t understand why some of them are sold for $250 when not in flowers, I still appreciate their beauty. I was told that there are some that go up to $2500. That, I will never understand. But I suppose it’s supply and demand – when someone is willing to part with that amount, then there will be a vendor who will supply it at that price. I also admire the gorgeous pots that Neofinetia falcata is grown in.

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