Orchid Greenhouse and Garden Tour

While it’s good to learn about orchid growing by talking with fellow orchid lovers, but it’s even better if I can observe their growing areas in action. Things such as how they set up their fan and ventilation, how they manage their humidity, how they position their shade cloth and how they maximize their growing space, would be better understood if I have a visual.  Thanks to Newport Harbor Orchid Society, I had the opportunity to go to three experienced orchid growers’ homes and enjoy their tremendous hospitality during the Orchid Greenhouse and Garden Tour of 2011.

Here are some pictures of some gorgeous orchids.

Here are a couple of things I learned:

1. I can probably be a little more heavy-handed on fertilizer on some of the orchid genera. I tend to be ultra cautious when it comes to fertilizing my orchids, hence not maximizing these plants potential.

2. To provide all-day humidifing, I can connect a large container (such as a trash can size container) with the tray of the humidifier by performing a DIY surgery. The extra water stored in the container will just automatically feed into the humidifier.

3. I really like attached greenhouse. I wouldn’t even need to get out of the house to see my vast (hopefully in the future) orchid collection. Attached greenhouse is not on my wish list for husband to build :-).

4. I can never have too many orchids! 🙂

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