Newport Harbor Orchid Society

Last week was certainly a very orchidful week. Tuesday was the monthly Newport Harbor Orchid Society meeting. Then the society also had a special annual orchid greenhouse and garden tour, where several members graciously opened up their home and growing areas for other members. Then there was the Fascination of Orchids show in the area during the weekend as well.

With so much to talk about, let’s look at the orchid society meeting first. I haven’t been to many other orchid societies, but this one, Newport Harbor Orchid Society, has to be one of the best. Usually a culture class is offered before the general meeting, with topics variably suitable for novice or experienced growers. But the most outstanding portion of the meeting, at least in my opinion, is the show table. Some of these growers are winners of many orchid awards. There is no short supply of drop-dead gorgeous orchids in every meeting. Here are some of the breathtaking specimens of the September gathering.

In this meeting, we were also fortunate enough to have Tom Biggart, the owner and head grower of Granite Hills Orchids in El Cajon, CA, as our speaker. Tom talked about and showed us some Brazillian orchids. He also supplied some orchids for the raffle table. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any. I supposed I already won my fair share of orchids in the last several meetings (I think I got 7 in 2 months!).

If you have an orchid society close by, I encourage you to check it out. What not to love about gathering with like-minded people, learning about and admiring orchids, and then eating and drinking?


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