Red Beard Orchid

Calochilus paludosus the Red Beard Orchid or Red Beardie

What is funny-looking orchid! This is one of the reasons I love orchids – there are plenty of bizarre ones out there, and their appearances have something to do with their survival/pollination.

Found on Mr. Honorio Sarmiento’s Facebook page.

“Calochilus paludosus, the Red Beard Orchid or Red Beardie is a small Australian orchid found. Not […]

Aerangis splendida

Aerangis splendida

I expect a very orchidful house this year. Several weeks ago the temperature dropped unseasonally. Although the temperature returns to normal, my orchids already got the signal – it’s time to send out some spikes. It’s going to be a month or even two before some of them become flowers. In the meantime, I do […]

Fascination of Orchids

Cattleya Hybrid

The Fascination of Orchids show is a twice-a-year event in Santa Ana, CA. It used to be only once a year inside the oh-so-fabulous South Coast Plaza. It was huge and extremely crowded with the center orchid display going up to 30-, 40- foot high. Although I never counted, I think it might have close […]

Orchid Greenhouse and Garden Tour

Encyclia citrina

While it’s good to learn about orchid growing by talking with fellow orchid lovers, but it’s even better if I can observe their growing areas in action. Things such as how they set up their fan and ventilation, how they manage their humidity, how they position their shade cloth and how they maximize their growing […]

Newport Harbor Orchid Society


Last week was certainly a very orchidful week. Tuesday was the monthly Newport Harbor Orchid Society meeting. Then the society also had a special annual orchid greenhouse and garden tour, where several members graciously opened up their home and growing areas for other members. Then there was the Fascination of Orchids show in the area […]

Orchid names

Cattleytonia Why Not

Occasionally I received questions from readers about identifying orchids or making sense out of nonsensical tags. Yesterday I received another such question, which I think would be helpful for some beginner orchid growers.

The reader bought a plant with a tag that says “(Caurantica x Bro Sanuinea)Red”.

Let’s break down the different parts:

“Caurantica” should […]

Orchid Territory

Orchid Territory

In August’s meeting at the Newport Habor Orchid Society, we were fortunate to have Dr. Martin Motes and his wife Mary Motes of Motes Orchids as speakers. Dr. Martin Motes is a renowed grower and hybridizer of vanda orchids. So naturally, Motes Orchids in Florida, sells mostly vanda alliance orchids.

Before every orchid society meeting […]

Brassavola cucullata

Brassavola cucullata

I did a rough count of my orchids the other day and found that I have about a 50/50 species to hybrid ratio. For some reason, the species are the ones that are blooming for me recently.

This species, a Brassavola cucullata orchid, is sending me some love currently. This one is more or less […]

Brassavola nodosa

Brassavola nodosa

Brassovola nodosa – Lady of the Night

Since I put it in this current location in my balcony, my little Brassavol nodosa orchid has been blooming non-stop. Aptly nicknamed, the flowers of “Lady of the Night” perfume the air at night to attract pollinators. Quite frankly, its fragrance reminds me of strong chemical cleanser. […]

Phalaenopsis bellina

Phalaenopsis bellina

Several orchids jumped into my car at the Santa Barbara International Orchid Fair this year. The event was hosted by Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, but it’s not just an open house. Many vendors from around the world brought orchids with them and sold at this event.

Two of the orchids that followed me home were […]