Orchid Territory

In August’s meeting at the Newport Habor Orchid Society, we were fortunate to have Dr. Martin Motes and his wife Mary Motes of Motes Orchids as speakers. Dr. Martin Motes is a renowed grower and hybridizer of vanda orchids. So naturally, Motes Orchids in Florida, sells mostly vanda alliance orchids.

Before every orchid society meeting each month, I was always excited about procuring additional orchids, but in August, I actually did not “invest” in orchids. Instead, I bought a novel by Mary Motes, Orchid Territory. Mary spoke a little to introduce her book, and I thought she was so funny that I had to buy the book. If you appreciate dry British humor (or humour) and the “orchid scene”, you would love this book.

Orchid Territory

Orchid Territory

Not to reveal too much, the story is about an established but wheel-chair bouned orchid grower, Charlotte, who invited her nephew, Mark, from England to help out the orchid operations in Florida for a few months. The comedy starts when Charlotte announced to the community that Mark is an orchid expert from Kew in England, even though Mark doesn’t speak a lick of Orchids. And what’s a good novel without a little bit of love story, elbowing and car chase?(actually minus the car chase part.) I hope I am not spilling the beans too much.

Anyway, it’s a light-hearted, easy and funny read. Highly recommended.

Just a side note, Mary Motes is holding the honor of having the most Vanda orchid hybrids named after her.

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